We are a working Fiber Ranch-365 days a year. Rain or shine. Through it all we are able to provide some great products to you. Browse our Boutique-you'll find yarns, roving and felt processed right here at our on site Fiber Mill. Handcrafted items made by us. (Please see our note below regarding online inventory).

You'll also find some other great alpaca products we like to carry, that yes, aren't made on site but still contribute to helping our ranch run smoothly, as well as helping the artisan or mill that made them.

Festival Time!

It's that time of year-you'll find us out at festivals! Due to our ever changing inventory throughout April to October due to Festivals and our lovely Harvest Host Guests we are trying to keep our online Boutique up to date. It takes time to photograph and write up description for items and by the time were done the item has sometimes already moved on!

If you've seen something that catches your eye, either at an event or on a social media post-and can't find it in our online store, please send us a message! We may still have it or something similar. Never hurts to ask!

  • All Items Made on our Ranch

    Here you can find all items created right here at the Ranch!

    More custom yarns coming April 2024!

    Enchanted M&R Made 
  • Yarn Collection-including Roving & Felt

    Find our yarns, roving and felt created right here on our ranch in our Fiber Mill

    Yarn, Roving, Felt 
  • Rustic Ranch Rug Collection

    These rugs are woven right here at our ranch. Mostly with fiber from our animals, sometimes we add in fiber or purchase a fleece that catches our eye for our one of a kind rugs.

    Rustic Ranch Rugs 

We get asked quite often by our visitors-where's a good place to eat? What else do you recommend to do around here? We've created a short list of some of our favorites.

Check it out!

Fiber Mill

 *We are fully booked and not taking on any more mill clients.

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