Fiber Mill

 *We are fully booked and not currently taking any more Mill clients.

Welcome to Enchanted Mill and Ranch. We are a Custom Cottage Mill located in Stanley, New Mexico, USA. We are a husband and wife owned and operated fiber farm and custom fiber mill and we support and encourage farm to yarn. Our purpose is to produce locally grown and processed quality yarn and products as well as to help the small alpaca fiber farms with added value products. 

Please check the links below for details on how to Prepare your fleece to send to the mill, our pricing and what happens when your fiber arrives at the mill. 

Prepping your Fleece for the Mill and Order Forms




Our Goal

As a small Cottage Fiber mill our ultimate goal is to stay small, family owned and operated and create a Preferred Client List of Customers we can work closely with year after year. This will allow us to give each client and their fiber the personal touch it deserves.  

Questions? Email and text are our preferred method of communication. It is just two of us who run both the mill and our fiber farm and stay quite busy.

_____              505-525-1619