Pricing for Fiber Processing

Everything (except dehairing and fleeces that are only being washed) are charged on the finished outgoing weight and include all processing needed to get it to that stage. 


Prices do not include shipping and handling or applicable taxes. Prices may be subject to change without notice.

Please understand that our spinning machine requires a minimum of 3-3.5 inch consistent staple length to spin yarn. If your fiber is not long enough or does not have a consistent length, it will be returned as roving. 


*There is a Minimum Charge for small fleeces. We handle each fleece separately, so it doesn’t matter if your order is one fleece or ten.

*-2lb incoming weight minimum-anything under 2 lbs there’s a $15 set up fee. Fleeces/orders under 1 lb finished weight will be charged for a minimum of 1 lb-


Carding Services-All Types of Fibers

These prices are per pound finished weight and include tumbling, washing, picking and carding for the following services:


$22 Cloud, Batt, Roving

$27 Pindraft Roving, Core Spun Rug Yarn, Needle Felted Sheets

(Batts and Felted sheets can be done in increments of approximately ½ pound and 1 pound-no more than 20 oz)



These prices are per lb finished weight & include tumbling, washing, picking, carding, pindrafting, spinning & plying for yarn:

                                                             Wool          Alpaca/Exotics

Lace-apx 18-20 wpi                   $39               $43

Fingering -apx 14-16 wpi            $36              $40

Sport/DK- apx 11-13 wpi            $34              $38

Worsted/Aran- apx 8-9 wpi        $34              $38

Bulky- apx 6-7 wpi                     $30              $34


Additional Fees (add to Carding and Yarn fees)

 * Dehairer/Separator/Extra runs for VM removal-$15 per pound. Weighed after tumble and wash

*$10/pound incoming weight for fleeces just being washed (this includes up to 3 wash cycles and a rinse cycle) additional wash cycles are $5/lb incoming weight


*Bumps-We no longer run roving to bumps

* Skeins-There is an additional charge of 30 cents per skein for anything other than our standard 200 yards per skein, which is included in the above pricing

*Skeins can be wound into a ball (aka a cake) for an additional $2.00 per 200 yard skein

* Coning: putting your yarn on cones add $2.50 per cone. You can get a $0.50 credit for every cone returned.

* Blending-blending fee $3 per pound plus cost of blending fibers if you do not provide your own. Contact us for our current selection and pricing for blending fibers. 

*We also raise animals, and expect some vegetable matter (VM) in the fiber, but fiber with “a lot” of VM will be an additional $3.00 per incoming pound due to wear and tear of our machines. Fiber with excessive amounts of VM will be refused.

Credits Available

*$0.50 credit per usable cone returned  *$2.50 per finished lb for fiber sent to the mill pre-washed. If prewashing your fiber it must be grease free or it will have to be re-washed. Do not use conditioners when prewashing-if you need you can add a bit of vinegar to your final rinse. I will inspect each fleece as it is checked in to make sure they are clean enough to run through our machines.