Mill Order Forms

 We are Fully Booked and NOT taking any additional Mill orders

For clients already on the list and scheduled you can find your needed forms here.

Customer Service Agreement (one for each BOX being sent) 

Order Form (one for each BAG being sent)


Customer Checklist/Responsibilities

-Schedule-email or text 505-525-1619 to schedule your fiber processing and receive shipping details. We have limited storage space and must schedule accordingly. Know that all processing estimate completion dates are just that....estimates. Spit happens-machines need maintenance, parts need to be replaced and we're at the mercy of suppliers, we aren't invincible and can get sick and even like to take a day now and then to be with our family. 
-Forms-Complete one Customer Service Agreement per box sent and one Order Form Bag Insert with EACH bag. Whether you are shipping or bringing your fleeces in person, please print and fill out the forms above to save time and confusion at check-in. Fiber arriving in house without proper paperwork or identification becomes property of Enchanted Mill and Ranch, we simply do not have time to track owners of sent fiber without the proper forms. 
     Note: Yarn lots require a 2 pound minimum order per yarn type. Staple length must be a minimum of 3"-3.5", any shorter and it will fall apart at the spinner. 
If you don’t understand something, or are just not sure what you’d like done-please feel free to reach out to us. We understand sometimes you may not know what you want done with fleeces due to the individual nature of each. 
-SKIRT well all fibers. Remove hay pieces, burrs, sticks, tumble weeds, manure, toenails, and other debris. We will return or dispose of fleeces with excess vegetable matter. Send fiber that has been well prepared-skirted and sorted. Understand and agree that Enchanted Mill and Ranch will reject fiber that is not fit for processing as is. We do not skirt, if you do not want it in your finished product, please remove it before you send it. Fiber with minimal vegetable matter will result in a higher quality end product.
Do not send fleece that contains this!
-Package fleece/fiber in clear plastic bags. Clear bags are required so that the order form is visible through the bag and for ease of seeing what fleece is what when pulling the next order here at the mill.
-Deposit-pay deposit to reserve spot. This deposit goes towards your fiber processing cost. You can weigh your fleece and round closest to $10 per pound for deposit-checks can be made payable to Enchanted Mill and Ranch and sent with your order or we will invoice you for deposit once your order arrives at the mill.
-Be willing to work with Enchanted Mill and Ranch to create the product that the fiber dictates while understanding that certain fibers cannot create certain products due to their characteristics.
-If pre-washing your fiber it must be grease free or it will have to be rewashed. Do not use conditioners when pre washing-if you need you can add a bit of vinegar to your final rinse. I will inspect each fleece as it is checked in to make sure they are clean enough to run through our machines. 
-blending fiber-If you want your fleeces blended with something else, please include that fiber and clearly mark it on the order form. All blending fiber quantities in your finished products are estimated and may be altered based on actual use during production. Note: If you’d like your order blended, but do not have a blending fiber, please contact us for our blending fibers options available.
-Shipping is normally based on dimensional weight, so pack your boxes as compact as possible by squeezing out as much air as possible-sit on it before closing it up if you need to. Compressing your fiber will not hurt it. If you are able to ship in vacuum sealed bags, please clearly mark your name/farm name on each bag and we will return with your order. Note: We strongly suggest you send your fleeces using a method that offers a tracking. Send via UPS or FedEx. If you want confirmation your package has arrived, please arrange for delivery confirmation with the shipper.
Please note that the quality of the finished product is directly related to the quality of the incoming fiber- amount of vegetation, consistent staple length, good tensile strength, etc.
We will make every effort possible to fulfill your order, however, in the event that your fiber is not processing properly, we will reach out to discuss options such as:
  1. Blend a small amount of merino. We do not process 100% Suri Alpaca into yarn. All Suri Alpaca that is sent for spinning will require 30% merino be added.
  2. Complete the processing in a different state: such as roving, batt, cloud or felt instead of yarn
  3. Complete the processing as is, but may result in lumpy/bumpy, or thick/thin yarn
  4. Return the fiber
Every attempt will be made to return to you as much fiber as possible and to minimize waste. However, fiber loss is normal (average 20-30% loss) with processing and varies depending upon the condition and cleanliness of the fiber, the breed and type of animal, and the amount of processing requested. Additionally, please be aware that wool can lose up to 50% oil weight when washed.
Enchanted Mill and Ranch will work hard to custom fill your orders to the absolute best of our ability, or will be honest and open to discuss options that you will be satisfied with.
*If any of your fiber comes into the mill for processing with bugs, eggs or larva it will be tossed IMMEDIATELY!
Fiber can be rejected for a number of reason and may be shipped back at the customer’s expense. Rejection of fiber may happen for the following conditions: not skirted properly, significant vegetable matter, matting and/or tags are present or stored in mothballs. Any fleeces that arrive containing bugs, eggs, lice, moths, larva, etc will be documented and disposed of. We have to take steps to ensure there is no contamination of other client’s products. The deposit payment will not be returned.
Completed orders will be invoiced upon completion. Once payment is received, a tracking number will be provided, or pickup/delivery services can be arranged. Note: Customers may request individual product runs to be returned as they are completed; however additional shipping & handling may apply.
Orders that are not paid within 30 days, will be assessed a 5% interest rate.
If the final invoice is not paid within 60 days of the order being completed, product will then become property of Enchanted Mill and Ranch and your deposit is forfeited.